Bitcoin, crypto and economic calendar

Please find our overview of economic calendars below. At first you’ll find the Bitcoin and crypto events calendar. After that you’ll find the general Economic calendar. You can of course use the information to update your fundamental analysis and/or technical analysis.

Bitcoin and crypto calendar

In order to provide you with the latest information about the crypto markets we hereby present you our crypto calendar. See what upcoming events you can expect and anticipate upon to trade in crypto smart.


Above are shown the 15 most hottest items regarding the most populair cryptocoins. In order to provide you with as much information possible we also provide a detailed agenda per coin on the dedicated page of each cryptocoin. You find these cryptocoin pages by navigating to our crypto prices page. There you can select your cryptocoin of choise.

Standard Bitcoin calendar item

Besides the fluctuating agenda items there is one standard agenda item for Bitcoin. Every last Friday of the month the monthly Bitcoin options will expire. Especially in a volatile market this expiration on various exchanges can influence the Bitcoin price.

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Economic agenda

Besides the Bitcoin and crypto agenda we also provide you with the general economic agenda. This because of the fact that macro-economic events can influence the reaction of crypto investors.


Which countries are added to the economic agenda?

In the economic calendar you’ll find the macro-economic agenda of the G20-countries (United States, Brazil, European Union, India, Japan Russian Federation, Turkey, Argentina, Canada, France, Indonesia, Republic of Korea, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Australia, China, Germany, Italy, Mexico and South Africa). Besides these country, also agenda’s for The Netherlands, Belgium and Spain are added.


Please note that our site does not provide any financial advice. The statistics and information shown are solely provided as possible source for your own research on (investing in) crypto and/or for educational/entertainment purposes. Despite our efforts to present information in a right and timely manner we will not accept any responsibility for any shortcomings in the data and/or information provided. Furthermore please that this site uses affiliate links. This means we might earn a contribution in the costs of operating this site and providing free information if you decide to click on (one of) the links issued.

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