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Of course we maintain this site for you as trader in crypto, so please feel free to contact at any time if you have any questions, a proposal for cooperation or want to discuss any crypto-related subject. There are various ways to contact us. On this page we provide you with an overview.

Various ways to contact

We have various ways to contact us. Hereafter you find an overview of the right ways to contact us for various matters.

Contact us for questions and remarks

Do you have a question or remark? Please use our contact form. We will do our very best to get back to you within one business day.

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Contact us with press information and future crypto events

If you want to send a press release or other information for the press, please use our press email-adress. If you want to add a crypto-related event on our crypto-agenda, please also send an e-mail to our editors.

Contact for commercial matters

Do you want to use the expertise of in any way? Are you looking for a content-writer, guest blog writer or analyst? Do you want us to appear on your event as guest speaker or workshop host? Do you want to advertise? Please contact us with your proposal and send an e-mail.

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  • Our daily morning analysis

When subscribing for our daily morning analysis you’ll receive an overview of the last 24 hours. We analyse the general market caps movement and analyse the development of top 10 most traded currencies of the previous 24 hours. Furthermore we provide you with two remarkable cryptocurrencies outside the top 10. Thereafter we provide you an overview with the most important crypto news headlines of the past 24 hours. Finally we’ll take a look on the agenda for the coming 24 hours so you can estimate market cap movements.

  • Our daily news update

No analyses but just our pick of the five most interesting or relevant crypto news items of the last 24 hours. We keep you updated every day at six p.m.

  • Our weekly headlines

It’s a Friday afternoon, so time to get excited for the weekend. Before it’s time to make fun we’ll provide you with the headlines of the news of last week and the most important news for the coming week.

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There's always a way to contact
There’s always a way to contact

Please keep in mind the following when contacting us

Due to our neutral position (as explained in the terms and conditions) we will not answer:

  • Requests for advice whether to buy or sell any cryptocurrency;
  • Questions regarding valuation or trustworthiness of any crypto coin.

General communication guidelines

In order to avoid any miscommunication we kindly ask you to act upon our general communication rules (as explained in the terms and conditions), which are, summarized, as follows:

  • We communicate and address each other and the crew in a respectful and polite way.
  • The fact that you send us any press release, information or other questions or remarks does not cause an obligation for us to publish your content.
  • All opinions and advises provided by contributors represent solely the vision and opinion of the author of the contribution. These visions and opinions do not necessarily reflect the vision and/or opinion of the Tradeincrypto crew. Therefore you can’t associate or hold us (the Tradeincrypto crew) responsible for these opinions.
  • By communicating with us you declare and agree that:
    • You are allowed to posses and share the information you send us;
    • By sending information you automatically provide us with all intellectual property rights to adjust, summarize or alter the information given in any way and publish it afterwards;
    • In case of sending us audio, visual or audiovisual information you are entitled to the copyrights and other rights attached to it;
    • When sending us audio, visual or audiovisual information you are allowed by every legal and/or human person identifiable to share this footage;
    • In case of sending us audio, visual or audiovisual information you provide us with all intellectual property rights to adjust, summarize or alter the information given in any way and publish it afterwards


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