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To trade in crypto is getting more and more common for both beginners and experts. We want to make you feel at home and use our site as a starting page for your crypto trading activities, whether they are daily, weekly or aimed for a longer period. Furthermore we service both beginning traders as well as experts. Please take an overview of our services and pick your choice.

Please note that trade in crypto is an ongoing process. Therefore, this page as well as our services will be changed and extended on a regular basis.

Trade in crypto: real time market caps

Whether you start to trade in crypto or have a nice investment portfolio already, it’s always important to know the real time market caps. That’s why we present you with our handy overview of more than 1.500 crypto market caps.

Trading your crypto: cryptocurrency exchanges

In this section you’ll find an overview of options to consider when choosing the appropriate cryptocurrency exchange to trade crypto. You’ll also find an overview of our home exchanges and exchanges in your mother-tongue when it’s not English. So please don’t hesitate and visit our cryptocurrency exchanges page.

Keeping up to date? Our crypto agenda and financial agenda tell it all!

When you want to see whether the coming period will bring something special you better make sure you keep up to date. In order to make sure you stay on track we provide you with our crypto currency agenda and financial agenda. If you use these you’ll never have to say you were not prepared.

Staying in touch: contact us

Whether you have a question or a remark or whether you want to subscribe to (one or more of) our various free updates, there is no need to be shy. Please contact us and provide all information you want to share. Same goes for press releases, items to add to our crypto event calender or even commercial opportunities. Please find here how to get in touch with us.

All about us, our rules and formalities

Of course we would like to introduce ourselves to you. We also like to point out some important legal and liability related issues. Here you can read all about us.

To come:

Up to date to trade in crypto: our latest news

Buying or selling your crypto coins: it’s all about strategy here

Storage of your trade in crypto: crypto wallets

Shopping with your crypto

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